The point to this is to come up with a new policy that doesn’t exist and will make a change and that we hope it works at the end and is accepted. The policy must be on Domestic Violence topic something about domestic violence you want to make a difference, D.V has a lot of programs and policies but come up with something that hasn’t yet been seen and you think will work. There are 7 stages but for that we will work later on, Stage 1 is made already where you Analyze the Problem “identify the problem”, the feedback I got back from my professor is that I didn’t state the “NEW POLICY” my policy, based on what I have already can you please revise and edit it come up with a clear and good policy and fix or add any new things that will make this policy clear. I will attached Stage 1. With that info you’ll continue to do Stage 2 and 3. Be very clear please no plagiarism because this is YOUR own policy that you’re making, you’re not doing a research of a policy that already exist. It’s your own make the best out of it.

STAGE 2: Setting Goals and Objectives STAGE 3: Program or Policy Design You can answer stage 2 & 3 in bullet points just answer each and every part from the table. I will attach the steps and questions of stage 1-3.

Inline image
Inline image

I will also attached a student work so you can get an idea of how it should look like.

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