Russia, Russia, Russia and more Russia. Since the election the media has going on and on and on and on and on and (well you get the point). Ironically, they never give us anything that backs up their position regarding what the Russians have been alleged to do. While it is easy to blame a particular country or person, where is the proof? Since we are in a class that is looking issues as they relate to political geography, what are you thoughts on the situation with Russia (wouldn’t it be funny it wasn’t Russia but another country that was US friendly such as China, North Korea, Yemen, Syria, Pakistan, Iran, or was done here in the US)? In your response, you can talk about the politics involved, but I would like for you to also focus on the geography as well (include any of the other countries mentioned above, if you would like). When looking at it geographically, I think it adds an interesting dimension (thinking about Russia’s interaction with Crimea). I would also say to think about social variables as well.

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