POLS 3001- Statistics Calculations

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Exercise 1

In this exercise you will be acting as a program evaluation officer. Your office recently completed a program within K-12 education that changed the science curriculum. Using the test scores from the attached file, determine if the performance on the end of the year 10th grade evaluations for each sample was statistically different. To receive full points on this assignment you must show your work and thought process, specify your hypotheses (both the program hypothesis and null hypothesis), and get the correct answer.

Helpful hint – use the summary command in STATA to compute relevant details and save yourself some work! To calculate variance, use summarize <variable>, detail . Also, even if you do know how to calculate a t-test in stata, please do not.

Exercise 2

Calculate a 95% confidence interval for both sets of test scores to find the potential population means the samples were drawn from.

Exercise 3

A random survey of 200 individuals is taken from two European Union nations. Each respondent is asked to estimate how much of his or her total taxes go to pay for national security. The mean of the sample in Country A is €1,100 with a standard deviation of €150. The corresponding mean for the respondents in country B is €1,075 with a standard deviation of €160. Can we confidently state that, in the population from which these samples were randomly drawn, the estimates are exactly the same? Would your answer be different if the sample size was 2,000 from each nation?

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