1. Before you begin reading, describe how you think slavery has affected Blacks.

2. Based on the symptoms of PTSD on page 119, give at least 4 examples of specific behavior a Black person in slavery may have exhibited in their daily life of a slave. (BE SPECIFIC and do not just say one-word responses like, SAD! For example, a Black mother may…when her child is…)   

3. Look at the last sentence on page 119, which begins with, “The maintenance of healthy and secure relationships…” Leary and others argue that one of the highest values found in Black’s relationships before and during slavery was their relationship with others. How do you think Black family reunions represent this African cultural tradition? Next, describe your experience with family reunions and why you think they are less popular today (if your family engages in them less than before), or why they are still highly valued (if your family continues to practice them regularly).   

4. On page 120, Leary suggests that many Blacks have internalized the superiority of Whites over themselves. She states this was achieved through centuries of “repetition and justification” that Blacks are inferior compared to Whites. Give at least 3 examples of “repetition and justification” of Black’s inferiority during slavery and 3 examples in contemporary of times how this tradition has continued.

5. On page 121, read how Leary responds to Whites who say they are tired of hearing about slavery and they did not own slaves. There are many Blacks who say similar things and believe that Blacks can be racist too. Pretend you are emailing a Black person you know who is angry about other Blacks bringing up slavery. How would you put Leary’s words into your own words to counter their point?

6. On pages 122-123, Leary discusses how slave life created potential and real life patterns of adaptation which may influence behavior today. Read these two pages carefully and share how you think this may influence things today. (topics may include Black female/male relationships, Black self-hatred, suicide, negative rap music, child abuse, “No Good Black men,” the lack of businesses, Black hair, Black spending habits, light skin versus dark skin, the Black Christians versus the Black Muslims, the lack of desire to want to learn in school versus just taking classes, the Black male penis, Black-on-Black violence, etc.) NOTE: “Sharing” does NOT mean write one or two sentences!

7. Do you see any relevance to the current Black condition (in the U.S. or abroad) in the quote by Yael Danieli on page 124? Explain  

8. What three spheres of influence impact the esteem of people? Based on these three spheres, why does Leary suggests that Blacks have a vacant esteem and how does the example of Carl and Dominic reveal the power of a vacant esteem?  

9. How does Leary explain how vacant esteem contributes to Blacks criticizing or “hating” on other Blacks who succeed? (Write in your own words!!)

10. How did “ever present anger” and “racist socialization” become part of Blacks collective mental disorder or Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome? Explain each of the two separately!!

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