Step 1:

In about 300-500 words, write an initial post answering the questions below and submit (NO QUOTATIONS – if you want to use information from your text or video, paraphrase and cite your source in APA format).

Part 1

Review the Poverty Facts and Stats sheet through the following link: Answer the following questions:

  • Which fact or stat impacted you the most? Use a theory of globalization to explain this impact. Think about the different actors who participate in or are affected by globalization. How does the social or geographical standpoint of these actors affect their experience of globalization?
  • What are your personal experiences with globalization? Are they mostly positive or negative?

Part 2

  • Describe Ritzer’s McDonaldization thesis in your own words. What other theory or theories can you relate to Ritzer’s theory?
  • Why has McDonalds been so successful and popular around the world? What are some of the benefits of spreading McDonaldization to other countries? What are some detriments?
  • What is your personal view of McDonalds? Do you eat there? Have you thought about how your consumption of a McDonalds product possibly has global or political implications? Why or why not? (EXTRA AWESOME CONNECTION – can you relate your experience of McDonalds to your ecological footprint and experiences with consumer culture?)
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