Here are some of the comments I got from the class and the instructor. Please add what needs to be added and create a power point

This is developing nicely.  Don’t forget to put it in a power point.

Dr. Jenkins

Looks like we picked the same subject! You have a lot of great information in your outline. For your actual presentation I would recommend adding pictures, which is what ill be doing. I’m personally keeping the bullet points short because I will be doing a voice over that will include more detail. Other than that really great job and wish you luck!

Nice layout!  Looks like you’re ready to start creating your PowerPoint.  

I would add a little more information, like the following:

For the mouth: what are those enzymes?

For the stomach: more about those enzymes that break down the food – what are they called?

For the small intestines – what are the purposes of each part?

The content here is great in regards to the mouth, stomach, small intestines, and liver. My personal suggestion would be to ad Table of contents as opposed to general outline and add some eye catching graphics or charts to further engage the reader. But again great start and the content is very informative in regards to the basic functions or each area.

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