Pre-Debate Analysis 1

Resolution: “Memory” is the best term to describe the Introductory Rites of the Eucharist.

  1. Using the “Order of Mass,” the “General Instruction of the Roman Missal” (GIRM), and your notes from class, present an outline of the Introductory Rites of the Eucharist.
  2. In 2-4 sentences, describe what the history of the Introductory Rites tells us about the meaning of the Introductory Rites. In your description, be sure to note a few (2 or so) examples from the history of the Introductory Rites that emphasize your point.
  3. In 1 sentence, define “corporate memory,” and in 2-3 sentences, explain how article 2 of the Liturgy Constitution Sacrosanctum Concilium (SC) helps us to understand this term. In your explanation on SC, n. 2, be sure to use concrete examples or quotes from the text.
  4. In 2-4 sentences, explain the meaning of the following claim: liturgical memory includes psychological memory, but liturgical memory is also more than psychological memory. In your explanation, incorporate (and use correctly!) the terms “anamnesis” and “enact/participate/perpetuate.”
  5. Write a 2-3 page “constructive” statement that either affirms the prompt.


#1. see Order of Mass, nn. 1-9 (TRS.340 p. 43ff); find this under Roman Missal

GIRM, nn. 46-54 (TRS.340 p. 21ff); find this under Roman Missal

Driscoll, What Happens, pp. 17-28

#2. see “Slides – History of the Introductory Rites” (posted on BB)

#3. on “corporate memory,” see Irwin, Models, pp. 67-73;

SC can be accessed via BB under the “Notes & Resources” section (“Vatican II – Sacrosanctum Concilium)

#4. on “anamnesis” and “enact/participate/perpetuate” see Irwin, Models, pp. 122-129;

Kahnemann’s talk can be accessed via BB under the “Unit I” section (“Kahnemann – Memory”)

#5. see the Debate Instructions, page 2, especially the notes on “Preparing a Constructive”

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