Precis 3

1.The precis should be a minimum of 500 words.2.Be sure to type your name, course number and section (400 or 401) at the top of the page. Type the précis number: Precis 1, 2, etc. and the date.3.In a single sentence give the following:a.Name of author (if any), or title of the article, affiliation;b.Use an accurate verb (such as ‘asserts’, ‘describes’, ‘proves’, etc.)c.Followed by a that clause describing the core pointof the work (ex., Jane Goodall asserts that Global Warming is irrefutable)4.The second sentence explains how the authors develop and support their major claim(s).5.The third sentence gives a statement of the author’s purpose, followed by an in orderphrase. (ex., Jane Goodall, an ardent environmentalist, describes the major causes of global warming in order for decision makers to become aware of the problem and take action.)6.The next paragraph should contain your personal conceptual Précis and contain the following:a.A clear statement of the significance and impact that the article had for you. “Liking” or not liking the text is irrelevant.b.Statement of some of your reasons that explain why (or why not) this article had some significance for you.c.What other people may think about the data/concepts put forward in this article, and how this differs or aligns with your interpretation. Do not leave this out or you will not receive a full grade.

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