Presentation Format

2 page

1)       Briefly provide biographical information about the author.  Include the author’s date of birth (and death if relevant), field of expertise, other relevant background information, and the context for the essay.


2)       In the first part of your response, summarize the reading in 3-4 paragraphs (see summary tips on reverse page).  If you have been assigned several chapters from a novel, summarize your entire selection in 3-4 paragraphs.  Please identify and explain any key terms that the author uses.


3)       In an additional well-developed paragraph, analyze a significant quotation using the following format:


a)       Begin with a topic sentence that gives the quotation some context.

b)       Quote the passage, properly introducing your quotation.

c)       Include 3-4 sentences of analysis discussing the significance of this quotation.


4)       Quote and give the paragraph and/or page number of two more significant passages you think our class should discuss.


5)       List and define any vocabulary new to you or interesting vocabulary and the definitions to these words (at least 3 words).


6)       Briefly explain any historical and/or literary allusions in the text.




Tips for Summarizing Effectively

Use this information to help you with the summary portion of your presentation.


Does the summary immediately identify the name of the author?

Does the summary immediately identify the title?

Does the summary identify the main idea of the reading up front?

Does the summary avoid the use of “I,” so that the reader understands the ideas are those of the readers and not of the writer preparing the summary?

Does the summary discuss the author’s ideas without commenting on them?

Does the summary discuss the author’s ideas in the present tense?

Does the summary include quotation marks for phrases of three or more words borrowed from the reading?

Does the summary include parenthetical citations/page numbers for any quotations?

Does the summary reflect the order of the author’s ideas in the original reading?

Generally, supporting claims are identified in the topic sentences of the essay. One effective approach to summarizing includes identifying and paraphrasing the thesis and subsequent topic sentences.

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