Hey everyone, so I asked this question previously but I got a refund because the tutor did not follow the prompt precisely. My essay is regarding juxtaposing two sources which I have provided and explaining their similarities as well as their differences to help advance historians understanding of events. IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU FOLLOW THE PROMPT PRECISELY! Please follow the two sources that I provide, the first source is a primary source by James Bryce explaining how the presidents today aren’t really great men with great gifts and the second source is an outside source is a speech given by Abraham Lincoln about slavery and the problems that arise from it. THE PAPER YOU’RE WRITING IS ABOUT SOURCES LIKE THESE TWO HELP IMPROVE HISTORIANS UNDERSTANDINGS OF EVENTS, DON’T FORGET THIS! Don’t only focus on this, write about the two sources I sent, talk about Lincoln and how he was a very important president as well. It is VERY important that you follow the prompt accordingly because this counts as a final grade! If you have any questions feel free to ask me. Thanks!

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