Principles of Fire and Emergency

What has been the most difficult emergency response-related policy implemented in your department or a department near you? Why? Some possible examples include seat belt usage, safety vest usage, upstream blockers on roadways, backing operations, stopping at intersections, staging for violent incidents, and wearing bulletproof vests. What thoughts do you have in how to improve the implementation of this or other policies?In your response to a classmate’s post, add insight as to what worked in your department. Help each other think of ideas to assist with a successful policy implementation. Many times policy enforcement is one thing, but culture change is the bigger issue.Philip:I am not in the fire fighting field yet I have been witness to a quick response with great professionalism. My first apartment in Florida less than a year of my residency here in the middle of the night my dog started barking and woke me up to excessive smoke in my apartment. I quickly woke my wife and daughter up and called 911 white I leashed my dog.  If I say they got to my home in more than 5 minutes Id probably be lying. They went into my smoke filled home and resolved the issue quick. I  had told them where the smoke was coming from but in the midst of the smoke I took the flee approach to make sure my family was safe. I was happy that the local department helped me quickly resulting in little to no damage.

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