Pro- and Antisocial Behavior – A4

Write a 3–4-page assessment in which you observe and describe pro- and antisocial behaviors, apply a theory or concept from social psychology to explain these behaviors, and examine the role of media in promoting pro-social behavior.

Required Resources

The following resources are required to complete the assessment.

Internet Resources

Access the following resources by clicking the links provided. Please note that URLs change frequently. Permissions for the following links have been either granted or deemed appropriate for educational use at the time of course publication.


Locate research articles on the topics of pro-social and antisocial behavior. Find at least two articles to use in this assessment.

Watch the videos linked in the Internet Resources:

  • The Bystander Effect.
  • Bottle Bank Arcade.

Select one recent advertisement (from television, billboard, or other advertising media) that depicts pro-social behavior and one that depicts antisocial behavior. These will be used as the foundation for this assessment.


After reviewing the video clips and selecting advertisements, complete your assessment. In your introduction, describe or identify the advertisements you selected. Include the following in your assessment:

  • Describe the pro-social behaviors you observed in the video clips and the advertisements you selected.
  • Describe the antisocial behaviors you observed in the video clips and the advertisements you selected.
  • Apply at least one theory or concept from social psychology to explain the factors (individual and social) that influence a person’s decision to behave pro-socially or antisocially.
  • Examine how media can play a role in promoting pro-social behavior.

Your completed assessment should be 3–4 pages in length, excluding title page and reference page. Be sure you follow APA guidelines for style and format.

Additional Requirements

  • Include a title page and reference page.
  • At least two current scholarly or professional resources.
  • APA format.
  • Times New Roman font, 12 point.
  • Double spaced.
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