In order to prepare

use the following questions as guides:
sub-headings to indicate which piece you are responding
What are the authors trying to say?
What is motivating their exploration of this topic?
What does this research contribute?
What academic conversations are the authors trying to align with?
What are the main arguments of each piece?
How does this relate to the other assigned readings?
What questions do I have?

Required Readings/Resources:

Larsen, M. A. & Beech, J. (2014). Spatial theorizing in comparative and international education research.

Comparative Education Review 58, (2) 191-214.

Select 1 of the 3 pieces below:

Bartlett, L. & Vavrus, F. (2014). Transversing the vertical case study: A methodology approach to studies of educational policy as practice. Anthropology & Education Quarterly, 45(2), 131-147.

Discussion Reader’s Response: Problems with Borrowing and Lending in Education Policy

After reading the Larsen & Beech (2014) and one of the other three articles for this week, post a shortreader’s response for the pieces as one post (at least 500-1000 words). Use sub-headings to indicate which piece you are responding to within your post. Please see the section Reader’s Response Discussionsabove for more details.

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