Download MSProject and install.

Alert: MSProject will not run on a MAC. To use it, on a MAC you must use Parallels or Bootcamp (virtual Windows machine). However, you can view MSProject files with various free project viewers. Call Technical Support for help and guidance.

Use the same company and project idea you used in the Learning Team assignment from Week 2.

Discuss the project’s Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and schedule, such as project phases, grouping of tasks, milestones, resource assignments, etc., as a team.

Discuss and identify a project schedule for input into Microsoft® Project, as a team.

Use the project life cycle as the project’s summary level tasks in the WBS and schedule. For this assignment the minimum subtasks per lifecycle step: Initiation 4, Planning 4, Execution 10, Closure 4, and Control 4.

Develop a Gantt chart in Microsoft® Project using your WBS.

Ensure that every task is linked to another task (AKA dependency).

Avoid linking Summary Tasks.

Include the following bulleted items in your discussions as a checklist to ensure all required assignment topics are addressed.

  • Project Phase (use Project Life Cycle)
  • Tasks
  • Resource Names/Titles/Rates
  • Task Durations
  • Start and Finish Dates
  • Dependencies (predecessor/successor tasks)
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