Proposal for Organizational Learning Issues

Proposal for Organizational Learning IssuesOverviewUsing the information from Identifying the Organizational Learning Issue and the supporting documents, you must create a proposal for your CEO explaining the issue and implementation recommendations in transitioning the individual learning to organizational learning. Refer to the Week 8 Project Proposal template for additional information on the content of each section of the proposal.InstructionsWrite a 5–7 page proposal addressing the following points using the provided section headers to organize your paper.Section 1: Project SummarySummarize your findings along with the implementation recommendations.Section 2: Project BackgroundDetermine the issue that has disconnected the culture and organizational learning based on the three selected mystifications from Identifying the Organizational Learning Issue assignment.Critique the current OLMs’ hindrance to organizational learning and provide your recommendation(s) for the organization to address the issue.Section 3: Project Goals and MethodologyDefend the one OLM that is suitable (that is, the OLM identified in the Identifying the Organizational Learning Issues assignment) for the organization’s training and (or) learning circumstances, then suggest three pros and three cons of implementing the selected OLM. Next, diagnose the possible source that has prevented productive learning within the organization and support your recommendation(s) for a permanent change.Suggest two talent-management strategies designed to prepare the organization for its readiness to share knowledge and maintain a learning environment.Section 4: Project Risk ManagementElaborate on two high-resistance risks to this transition. Outline a plan for managing each resistance risk.Generate a high-quality After-Action Review (AAR) to monitor the effectiveness of the transition from individual to organization learning.Specify one training technique for the organization to introduce this new way of learning to the workforce. Next, examine whether the current organizational structure and processes can support transition from individual learning to organizational learning.Use at least five quality academic references in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia does not qualify as an academic resource.Use the Project Proposal template locatedhere.

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