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Your task in this activity>>>> is to create a proposal for a culturally competent HIV prevention program for a different culture (((African American))).


>>>>This is an example of culturally competent practice and an effective community-based health psychology intervention.

>>>>>Dr. Eduardo Morales is a health psychologist who received the American Psychological Association’s Award for Distinguished Contributions to Institutional Practice in 2009. He is the executive director of AGUILAS (Spanish for “eagles”), a San Francisco HIV prevention program developed and run by Latino gay and bisexual men. The program is specifically designed to reduce cultural barriers, isolation, and marginalization of men in the Latino gay and bisexual community. As opposed to using impersonal mass mailings, the program reaches out to its target community through person to person contacts at community events, such as street fairs. Representatives of AGUILAS partner with businesses in the community to sponsor events that will attract the target population. Participants bond over dinner together before participating in support and education groups that might otherwise seem threatening or uninviting. Risk reduction counseling is done through evidenced based motivational interviewing approaches that are offered in English and Spanish. Grant monies subsidize these services, which are offered on a sliding scale. Program evaluation data show that whereas the San Francisco 2010 HIV Prevention Plan reports that there are three new cases of HIV infections every day, only three persons total converted among AGUILAS participants between 2002-2009.

Source: APA Practice Organization, (2010). Good Practice. Summer Issue, 16-17.

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