PSY-832 Week 1 DQ 1 Response to classmate Tanya Thompson

Please respond to the below classmates response using 250 words and please provide at last 1 peer reviewed or cited reference. The reference needs to be cited in the response itself and on a reference page. Please also use APA 6th edition format when referencing.

There are several theories pertaining to psychology of leadership. The first theory that I came across which was interesting was the Path-goal theory. The Path-goal theory have several positive aspects. The Path-goal theory focuses on various leadership behaviors and how it affects follower’s satisfaction and work performance (Northouse, 2015). The Path-goal theory examines the leadership and how they impact their follower’s performance with the variety of leadership influences such as directive, supportive, participative, and achievement oriented. Also, Path-goal theory is used for integration and motivation. Another theory that sparked an interest was the adaptive leadership theory where leader’s behaviors encourages learning, creativity, and adaptation in a complex situation. I think this is important and very much needed in the industry because as a leader you would want to encourage various learning and promote adaptability. Psychodynamic and organizational theory looks at a bigger spectrum where behavior affects an entire culture or organization. Psychodynamic and organizational theory affects individuals, groups and leaders in major organizational environments. Psychodynamic takes on a structural approach where leaders can influence and leverage potential followers.

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