PSY2008 SOUTH Week 10 Eyewitness Testimony Statistics Assignment Help

Final Project

For this assignment, use data from W1 Assignment.

This week, you will explore the hypothesis that a relationship exists between the misinformation effect (the type of information relayed) and the accuracy of the color recalled.

Use a chi-square analysis to compare the accuracy of the color recalled (recall color) across your misinformation effect (the type of information relayed).

Click here to access the final project description.

Click here to access the Minitab file containing the final project database.

Each week, you completed a project related to the final project scenario. In
Week 10, you will bring it all together into one cohesive report that contains all the information given in the final project description, along with:

  • A description of your participants
  • A results section that contains all relevant data analyses completed throughout the ten weeks
  • A discussion section in which you will summarize the project and discuss your results in relation to the literature review and the hypotheses given

Move the output from your chi-square analysis into a Microsoft Word document.

Name your document SU_PSY2008_W10_Project_a_LastName_FirstInitial

In a separate Microsoft Word document, write your APA-formatted report using the final project description as your template (copy this word-for-word, but use APA formatting). Include the final project description (starting with literature review through references) in your report, completing the sections indicated. Be sure to integrate information from the descriptive statistics, t-tests, ANOVA, and chi-square analysis into your methods, results, and discussion. Your final project should be 7 to 8 pages in length, including the title page and the references page.

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