Psy6101-Week 3 – Assignment 1: Create a Problem Statement

InstructionsThis week, your first assignment involves creating a problem statement with a thesis in preparation for your Week 5 literature review Be sure to include the following:A concise statement that identifies the problem, the issue that you plan to examine.The extent of the problem. Note local, state, or federal statistics on how many people are affected.The depth of the problem. Explain the impact that this problem has, including any relevant aspects, such as psychological, social, economic, etc.A thesis statement is one sentence that states the main idea of a research paper.Your problem statement must describe your selected capstone topic/issue, reflect on its significance to the workplace and field, and culminate with a thesis statement that will provide the framework your Week 5 literature review. Your thesis statement must be specific and cover exactly what you plan to discuss in your Week 5 literature review.Length: 1 pageReferences: Include a minimum of 2 scholarly resources.PART 2In this second part of the assignment, you will construct an annotated outline that builds from your problem statement and thesis statement. Your outline must include the topic and main themes you plan to discuss in your Week 5 Literature Review Paper. Please use peer-reviewed research published in the past 5-7 years. You may also include any government journals that offer statistics on the problem.While a traditional outline allows you to structure your paper topic and main ideas, an annotated outline takes this traditional outline a step further by requiring you (the researcher) to add citations and evidence to support the main points stated in the outline.Your annotated outline should follow the format shown in the NCU library resource listed in your weekly resource section and include at least 5 scholarly resources.Length: 1-2 pagesReferences: Include a minimum of 6-8 scholarly resources.

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