Psychology Homework

1) We can use Operant and Classical Conditioning to change the behavior of people and animals. Drawing on your personal experience, choose a person or animal whose behavior you want to change. (You may select your own behavior for this question if you wish.) How could you use Operant and Classical Conditioning to change the behavior of this person or animal? Make sure you use both to explain, not just one. (Your answer must be 200 words or more)

2.)Are there any other guidelines for maintaining a healthy relationship? A study that compared happily married couples with unhappily married couples found that in almost every regard, the happily married couples showed superior communication skills. Three patterns that are almost always related to serious long-term problems in relationships are defensiveness (including whining), stubbornness, and refusal to talk with your partner (the “big freeze”) (Gottman & Krokoff, 1989).

We all make mistakes in relationships.Many couples find that communication is facilitated by observing and following guidelines that have been provided for you in Chapter 11. Which mistakes do you think are more common? Which do you think are gender specific? (Your answer must be 200 words or more)

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