Please be sure to:

1) Select one of the below prompts to respond to.

2) Make a post answering the prompt in about 150-200 words or so (about a paragraph).

3) Title your post starting with ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘C’ to indicate which prompt you are responding to.

4) Respond to another person’s post for someone who had the same prompt as you.


Here are the Prompts for this week:

A) Take Risman’s matrix of social structures of gender (p. 41), choose one cell of that matrix, and give an example from your life that exemplifies it.

B) What similarities and/or differences do Queer Theory (Risman chapter) and Borderlands Theory (Hurtado and Sinha chapter) have?

C) Compare how Risman talks about identity to how Hurtado and Sinha talk about identity.

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