Summary of a Peer-Reviewed Article

Identify and summarize a published research article, in either the print literature or online, that uses one of the multivariate statistical analysis we have looked at in this course in the results section. Acceptable articles will have factor analysis, logistic regression, MANOVA, or discriminant analysis as their primary method of data analysis.

Important: your article must be one that relates to either 1) your proposed dissertation topic, or 2) your current career of field of interest.

For this assignment, find an article based on only one experiment rather than on a series of experiments. The selected article must be based on empirical (data-based) research. Qualitative studies, meta-analytic studies, or purely descriptive research studies are not appropriate.

Summarize the study in a two-page paper, focusing primarily on the methodology and the meaning of the output. Details of the procedure (for example, sampling) are not as important as a thorough discussion of the method and its meaning. Be sure to interpret the output using the terms and vocabulary we have studied. Include in the final section of your paper HOW this article is related to either 1) your proposed dissertation topic, or 2) your current career or field of interest.

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