Psychopathopharmacology II

Mood stabilizers are utilized primarily for treatment of bipolar disorder. Certain mood stabilizers appear to be more effective for certain symptoms and in  certain stages of bipolar–mania, depression, maintenance. However, like many other psychotropics, mood stabilizers are prescribed in other conditions and are used “off label” too. It is important to be familiar with which mood stabilizers in order to identify the situations in which they can be effectively utilized. The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize students with specific mood stabilizers.Valproic AcidWrite a minimum of 500 words (max 1000 words)Include the following:A brief introduction to your assigned mood stabilizer (assigned above)A detailed discussion of the main steps a prescribing provider should follow when prescribing this mood stabilizer to patients of any age.e. g. prior to prescribing it (work-up, education), during initiation, ongoing monitoring/managing side effectsSupport your reasoning for these steps with data from four (4) resources–two (2) “primary” peer reviewed journal articles; and two (2) other resources (these may include primary or secondary resources such as textbooks or reputable sources like UpToDate).APA format is required- a title page, and reference list and in text citations should be included.

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