Please Answer each question with 200 words Below:

1) A number of management practices in private business have been promoted as useful and desirable in the management of government services and programs. There are, however, acknowledged differences in the goals and purposes of business and government.

a. What are some of these practices?

b. How do the goals and purposes of business and government differ? and

c. To what extent can government be “run like a business”?

Please Answer questions below with 250 words

2) Explain the underlying premises of “new public administration”. How does the “new public administration” use concepts of customer service and market competition in its approach to government management

3) Discuss the historical roots and development of public administration as a field of study, and how this history gave rise to what we now call “traditional public administration”.

4) Explain how the administrative side of government has grown over time. Specify in which areas of governance this growth has occurred.

5) How have the three branches of the national government (executive, legislative and judicial) responded to the growth in the U.S. administrative state?

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