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USE ONLY THE E-BOOK that I attachedFirst SectionChapter 7 has information that many of us can relate to as we consider our employment experiences – the issues of micromanagement, favoritism, job satisfaction, etc. Review the information found on Reasons for Voluntary Turnover (pp.211-212); in Figure 7.2. – Common Reasons for Employee Turnover (pp. 213); Theories of Job Dissatisfaction, Progression of Job Withdrawal, and Motivation (pp.216-220); and Retention Strategies (pp.228-237) and respond to the following:Rank the common reasons for employee turnover and post a response that describes your top three in order of critical importance for the organization to handle through intervention.Identify any motivational theory or approach that would be a positive and productive way for an HR consultant to address with management in order to assist in reducing employee turnover.Discuss the retention strategy you would recommend in order to impact one of your top three reasons for employee turnover that you ranked in Item 1.Second Section:An employee can be separated from an organization in three ways: (1) Resignation; (2) Termination; and, (3) Absconding or Job Abandonment.As background information, review Chapter 10 – Types of Performance Issues (pp. 317-318); Influences on Performance (pp. 320); Performance Issue Model and the Process for Handling Performance Issues (pp. 322); and, Options for Handling Performance Issues (pp.324-327) to respond to the situations.Consider each of the situations and determine, as an HR employee, whether the employee should receive immediate termination or a progressive discipline process, and provide justification for your responses along with the level and type of discipline the employee should receive:The employee stole one pack of office paper, stating he would be using it at home to perform his job.An employee posted how boring her job is on a Facebook status update. You know she is Facebook friends with several clients.The employee groped a colleague in the break room.You saw the employee’s résumé posted on LinkedIn, stating she was looking for a new job.The manager has told you the employee is difficult to work with and not liked by his colleagues.Respond in complete sentences and demonstrate evidence that you have reviewed the referenced pages cited from Chapter 10. Be thorough and complete in your responses to the situations.You are allowed only to use the e-book that I attached, and you can cite only from that e-book

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