race and whiteness, institutional racism, sexuality and race, English homework help

This is a 3-5 page paper where you pick a theme (i.e. race and whiteness, institutional racism, sexuality and race) just to name a few and compare and contrast this theme (or whichever one you choose) between two articles (Filipinos and the Color Complex-2.pdf) and (Hypersexualizaiton of the dark body.pdf). The format is as follows: 1st paragraph is an introduction where you lead into your topic, tell me what the topic is and the articles/authors you will be using. 2nd paragraph you go into the first article just discussing what is important to your topic, you do not have to summerize the whole article, and you can use block quotes or quotes within the text. A quote should end with author’s last name and page number, you will use the MLA format for quotes. In the 3rd paragraph you talk about the same theme, but move onto the the second article, in the 4th paragraph you compare what is similar regarding that theme between the two article, in the 5th paragraph you contrast what is different on that topic between the two article. In the 6th paragraph you conclude, meaning you tell me what you did, you can also look at the intro for this, and if you have a personal opinion your opinion only comes into the conclusion, not in the rest of the paper. Remember this is a paper on how you understood the readings, not your person opinion.


four questions : – read the three articles attached and answer the questions.

How did the white women in Frankenberg’s study know the people of color in their lives?

Why is race important to white women according to the study?

How are Filipinas affected by the color line according to the author? How does it differ in the United States and the Philippines?

How are Black and Latina dancers segregated in the exotic dance industry? Give examples from article.

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