for this assignment respond to the following with 150 words

Autonomy is defined in the text as being able to find what you believe in based on using your own reasoning. To me this means you don’t need other opinions and explanations from other people to believe what you want, or to have your own opinion. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate myself an 8 on the “Autonomy Scale”. I feel it is hard as an individual to obtain “perfect autonomy”. I believe this because at one point in our lives, we as a person have other people make choices for us, therefore at that point in time, that person is unable to form their own beliefs and opinions. In a perfect world, yes people do have complete autonomy, and can for their own opinions and beliefs. However, in todays society that is not always achievable. I feel the drive to achieve perfect autonomy is valuable because if people just walk around believing everything they are told, they won’t have a sense of purpose or even a sense of identity, instead they would simply be just like everyone else. I feel the older a person gets, and the more they find themselves, and become an independent person the better chance they have of gaining that “perfect autonomy”.

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