Read: Peter Singer: “The Singer Solution to World Poverty”, Peter Singer: “Famine Affluence and Morality”, Ayn Rand: “The Ethics of Emergencies”

The topic:

You love listening to music. It’s your true passion. You were naturally thrilled when the newest generation iphone came out. The phone promises (and early reviews have confirmed it succeeds) to reproduce sound at a quality indistinguishable from that of compact discs. You gladly shoved your older iphone in the drawer and shelled out $700 for the new machine. But when your father discovers the old iphone in the drawer he is puzzled: “did you really have to upgrade? Isn’t there something better to do with all that money?”

How would Peter Singer respond to his question?

How would Ayn Rand respond?

What would you say to all three of them?

Please use at least 4 quotes from (each) the Singer and Rand readings.

Papers should run no longer than 5 pages.

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