You have to provide as much detail as possible and give thoughtful responses (I would aim for 8 or more sentences per question)

Also provide where you find the answer (example: p.15 paragraph 2)

“The Cult of the Country Boy”

  1. Describe what style Elvis embraced, and why it was important at the time
  2. The role of American suburbia, and who belonged and who did not
  3. Explain the imagery behind ‘trailer park’, ‘vermin’, and those labeled ‘trash’
  4. What threat did integration pose for people like Hazel Bryan?
  5. How does the southern stereotype lend to imagery surrounding the ‘trash’?

Mexicanos: A History of Mexicans in the U.S.

  1. What were the working conditions of Indians in Mexico
  2. Emiliano Zapata
  3. Factors that drew immigrants from Mexico to the borderlands and American Southwest
  4. Asian farmworkers in the Pacific Coast
  5. Campaign to restrict Mexican entry

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