Read the following TWO attachments and answer the following questions.

  • – Make a list and cite each of the eight fallacies that the narrator teaches to Polly in “Love Is A Fallacy,” defining each fallacy and briefly explaining how it works in the story.
  • – Next, write your own example for each of the eight fallacies from the short story.
  • – Then, write two short paragraphs. First, write a paragraph about which fallacy you see most commonly; it could be among friends, in the media, or in any speech by a politician. Alternatively, you may describe the one you personally have been committing without being aware of it.
  • – Review your work with a peer before you submit it, if possible. Exchange drafts and comment on the personal examples offered for each of the fallacies. Are they accurate and logical examples?
  • – Finally, please write a paragraph or two of reflection on what you gained by learning about a few of these logical fallacies. How might you apply what you’ve learned to your own life?



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