How you will do it

  1. Complete Part I of Protesting for Civil Rights. For each of the five protest methods listed, summarize an important event from the Civil Rights era where the method was used. Write a definition of the method and identify the outcome of the protest.
  2. Following the directions in Part II of Protesting for Civil Rights, identify a group of people in need of equal rights or protection today. The identifications should be made with your teacher’s approval.
  3. Create a campaign to achieve equal rights or protection for your chosen group. Outline the goals of your social action, decide on the use of one or more of the protest methods from your research, and explain how and why your campaign will affect change.
  4. Present the outline of your campaign to the class.
  5. Review the campaigns of your classmates. Evaluate how well the campaigns matched their stated goals. Be prepared to cite examples from the Civil Rights movement in evaluating how and when protest methods are effective.
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