Reconstructing the Lost Tribe

This essay is taken from our text Writing Logically, Thinking Critically 8th edition, where it is presented in its entirety.

Your essay will “characterize the society that uses the language” discussed in the text. Do not describe a tribe or culture that already exists. Use your imagination and your impressions. Read and reread all sections of the writing assignment (specifically “The Topic,” “The Approach,” and “Audience and Purpose”) to be clear on your direction.

The objective of this paper is for you to have the opportunity to formulate a thesis, to provide development and support for your ideas, and to demonstrate your ability to structure a clear and effective essay.

Please create a draft for this essay. The Draft should be 2+ pages and conform to MLA format.

The final essay should be 3-5 pages and should conform to MLA format.

Be sure you have met the requirements for the essay. Check for mechanical and typographical errors. Be sure to follow MLA format. There are no references required for this essay nor is a Works Cited page required.

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