this assignment must be set up per the genre conventions of a memo: it must have a bolded header with TO, FROM, DATE, and SUBJECT setup. Also, paragraphs must be single spaced with one space in between; do not indent the first lines of paragraphs. This assignment should be about a page in length and use 12 point, Times New Roman font.

In the first paragraph(s), describe your experience as a writer and researcher so far: what have you learned about writing so far? About yourself, as a writer? What have you learned about researching? What aspects of writing are your strengths? What aspects of research are your strengths? What do you feel that you need to work on in your writing for the second half of the semester?

In the next paragraph(s), tell which of the two papers we’ve written is your strongest – Paper #1: Annotated Bibliography and Paper #2: Editorial Analysis. Why? Describe your process of writing the paper from brainstorming to final for now. What different ideas did you brainstorm before choosing your topic? Why did you choose this topic? How did you approach writing the paper in the very first draft? What were challenges you faced in this draft? What did you learn about the draft at conference? What specifically did you change and why? What did you learn about your next draft from your peers? What exactly did you change after peer response? How strong is the final for now? Overall, what did you learn from this project?

In the next paragraph or so, I would like you to grade yourself on your participation so far in the course using the specific language of the rubric on p. xiv in JAC. Be honest please!

In the final paragraph of the memo, sum up your writing and research experience in the class so far and tell me anything I need to know about your writing. What would you like me to know before reading your portfolio? What in class writing activities and exploratory writings did you find most helpful? Would you have done any differently? What would you like to learn about or practice writing in the second half of the semester?


Just to know more about me: I’m international student my experience in writing is not that much but it is good because I have been studying in intensive English program for two years and I took English 101 in the last spring which all these things was really helpful to improve my writing.

Also, I’ll attach my work so you can have an idea what to write about, and if you have any question feel free to ask.

it’s only one page single space 12 font times new roman.

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