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finesse as necessary, the paper is pretty much what was written about last,

Your paper should be 3 double-spaced pages or more, using 12-point Times New Roman font. No cover page or reference page is needed. Please upload your reflection in the Assignments folder.

1 What were your communication challenges at the beginning of the course?

few of my communication challenges at the beginning of the course were shaking, nervous laughing and I was also very fidgety I noticed.

2 Please review the personal and professional goals you identified in the Week 1 discussion. How well did you meet them? Based on the course, have you created any new goals for yourself?

I met my goals very well, I have noticed I take the time to hold my criticism until the end of a conversation and/or not say anything that would pertain to what I think. Actively listening. I have set a new goal of being more confident in what I say

3 How have you progressed in your interpersonal communication abilities? What do you want to keep working on?

I have progressed by making more eye contact, not interrupting ongoing conversation to say what I have to say, patience. I want to keep working on judging and being more open minded to all aspects of someones thinking

4 How has your understanding of nonverbal communication improved? How aware are you of the messages you send? How are you better able to decode other people’s nonverbal messages?

5 In thinking about your three speeches, were your messages easy to follow? How could the organization have been improved?

My messages were easy to follow for the most part organizationally I would have spread out the references more

6 How successful were your introductions, bodies, and conclusions? Again, be specific with examples.

7 Did your language, voice, and body language enhance or harm your communications effort? Be as precise as you can, and comment on both verbal and nonverbal aspects of your delivery.

My language enhanced my communications effort , voice could have been more passionate or alarming but did not hinder my communications, body language hindered my speech because I could have been more confident and less fidgety

8 In your estimation, what were the most effective aspects of your messages?

9 What are you the most proud of accomplishing through this course?

Most proud of how comfortable I was able to get through out the class which helped me with giving speeches

10 What advice would you offer to future students of Foundations of Oral Communication?

Be open minded and try to let go

11 Are there any content areas that you would like covered in more detail? Are there areas that you think don’t need to be included in the course?

thank you!

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