For this discussion, you will refer to the primary source, the Seventeen Article Constitution by Prince Shotoku in addition to the textbook reading. As you know from reading the chapter, Japan was one of the areas that borrowed heavily from China albeit on a completely voluntary basis. Most of this borrowing occurred under the leadership of Prince Shotoku as he developed the framework for a unified imperial Japan. What Chinese ideas/techniques did Japan borrow? What traditions did Japan retain that were strictly Japanese? You MUST reference Prince Shotoku’s constitution at least once.

Remember to use the Primary Source Analysis Worksheet View in a new windowto help you navigate the primary sources.

Directions: Each student must have a minimum of 3 posts, one post to the original prompt from the instructor and at least 2 posts in response to other students in the discussion. Remember:

– Use complete sentences, proper grammar, and appropriate language.

– Your original post should be a small paragraph which consists of 3-5 sentences.

– Posts that respond to other students may be more brief.

– Use examples to support your points.

– Cite the course readings you referenced for your response.

Please use the pics in the file to respond to the students

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