Reflective essay #2

This reflection essay should be in an informal writing style. Please cite any sources you use, including your textbook, in APA 7th edition format.In 500 words total, please choose one of the following prompts to answer from questions one through eight. Then, addressanything else you would like to tell me about your readings. For example, was there anything in your reading that youfound really important, challenging, controversial, or interesting? Please explain, and feel free to speak your mind. This is your opportunity to personally reflect on the information that you read. Paying close attention to personal reactions is a key component of being more self-aware.1. Which myth about menstruation seemed most controversial to you (see Chapter 3)?2. What are a few reasons why society seems overly fascinated by penis size (see Chapter 4)? From reading chapter 4, why is the penis size debate subjective?3. What are a few things you learned about prostate cancer that you didn’t already know (see Chapter 4)?4. What are a few examples of gender assumptionslisted in Chapter 5?5. Name a few of the key ways that sex differentiation occurs in the brain (see Chapter 5). Which of these seemed most interesting or important to you?6. What are some social-learning influences on gender identity and gender roles (see Chapter 5)? Which ones did you find to be the most significant or controversial and why?7. Why is gender identity considered a spectrum, and what are some of the most important issues to consider related to gender diversity (see Chapter 5)?8. In your opinion, what is the most important civil rights issue facing transgender people (see Chapter 5)?

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