Remember the Titans film analysis Essay

In this essay, you will offer a critical analysis of the film, Remember the Titans.

Your essay should be 3-4 pages in length (not including title page, works cited, and statement of originality).

2. Use the concepts discussed in chapters 1-7 of the textbook(I have attached a copy of the book) and information to analyze the film and to write your essay. DO NOT give a summary of the film. I have seen the film. This is NOT a film summary; it is a film ANALYSIS.

3. Give your essay a title.

4. Write an introduction.

5. Cite the textbook at least four times. Give page numbers when citing or referencing concepts from the textbook. You may also cite outside research sources, if applicable.

6. Describe the verbal and nonverbal cultural patterns in the film and analyze their significance. Support your reasoning with information from the textbook.

7. Ensure your analysis addresses these questions:

  • How do the images and/or ideas in the film relate to the theories in the textbook and course materials?
  • How does the film contribute to your knowledge of intercultural communication?
  • Did the film change your understanding of intercultural communication? If so, how?

8. Describe how some of the following concepts are exemplified in the film:

Identity groups





Cultural beliefs

Unequal distribution of global resources

Hofstede’s Value Dimensions

9. When analyzing the film, you might consider some of the following questions:

Note: You do not have to answer each of these questions in your essay. These are some of the questions that you could address to complete the assignment satisfactorily

Are any stereotypes evident in the film? Explain.

Is prejudice evident in the film? Explain.

Is racism evident in the film? Explain.

How is language used by the characters and what does that language communicate about age, gender, and socio-income levels?

How does language reflect the cultural values of the characters?

What do you notice about accents, dialects, argot, or slang?

What cultural beliefs are depicted in the film?

10. Write a summary/concluding remarks.

11. Include a works cited page following MLA, APA, or Chicago Manual Style format. Be sure to list all references including your textbook and the film. Outside research sources are optional.

12. Include the statement of originality.

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