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Strategies for Including Academic Activities and Accomplishments into My Professional Development GoalsDeveloping an academic or professional portfolio is an excellent way to compile professional education, experience, and achievements through the cultivation of one’s own personal trademark. A portfolio is often essential in identifying expertise, documenting professional growth, and highlighting accomplishments that set you aside from everyone else (Williams & Jordan, 2007). A robust portfolio can be the defining factor in a competitive workforce, like healthcare, as it brings awareness to what makes you unique from others.Establishing a complete compilation of both academic and professional works is important in creating a strategic document that brings visibility and credibility to the writer’s accomplishments. There are several strategies including self-promotion, evidence of outcome, and establishing structure and direction regarding goals and achievements are fundamental in developing a (Burns, 2018). There are several strategies that can assist in creating such a document.  One strategy to promote this would be to keep a list of academic achievements and professional goals and use this to update the academic portfolio to maintain relevant and up-to-date information about oneself. Secondly, I would include my personal nursing philosophy in my academic portfolio. Doing so allows for self-reflection and self-evaluation of my personal objectives and achievements. This provides the opportunity for the readers to gain insight into my goals and mission as a person, scholar, and professional. Thirdly, I would include a curriculum vitae (CV) or professional resume in my academic portfolio. The document lists publications, training, work experience, curriculum involvement, previous education, and leadership development which may help to better define and convey educational contributions and experience (Little-Weinert & Mazziotti, 2018). Finally, I would incorporate technology into my academic portfolio.  An electronic approach using hyperlinks, social media platforms, and thorough web-based databases such as Wix creates an easily accessible way to compile and update academic endeavors, professional goals, and achievements.  This incorporation of technology allows for the portfolio to be readily available and visible to colleagues and potential employers alike.Walden University fosters a commitment to positive change by seeking, gaining, and using knowledge to promote social change in small communities as well as across society (Walden University, 2020). This aligns with my professional goals to provide excellence in nursing by creating a culture of lifelong learning that integrates evidence-based practice, research, and professional development to improve the physical and psychological well-being of those in my community. Living and working in a rural community allows me the opportunity to act as a change agent through evidence-supported practice and education delivery.ReferencesBurns, M. K. (2018). Creating a Nursing Portfolio. Ohio Nurses Review, 93(3), 16–17.Little-Wienert, K., & Mazziotti, M. (2018). Twelve tips for creating an academic teaching portfolio. Medical Teacher, 40(1), 26–30. University. (2022). Social change. Retrieved October 18, 2022, from M., & Jordan K. The nursing professional portfolio: a pathway to career development. J Nurses Staff Dev. 2007 May-Jun;23(3):125-31. doi: 10

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