Reply to:Metacognition is the process of an individual monitoring their own memory and how they use metaknowledge to process information and control behavior (Koriat, 2007). Simplified, metacognition is how one controls information processing to enable learning and implies control over these processes, which causes memory. According to psychology research, it also includes what some know about memory and one’s memorial capacity (Koriat, 2007).Memory function can be influenced by one’s belief or knowledge of their own memory (Guerrero-Sastoque, Bouazzaoui, Burger & Taconnat, 2021). The control of learning directly impacts memory as memory is a result of learning. This metacognitive regulation, the ability to control thought/information processes, then, would cause one to possibly decide what becomes memory, and what does not. For example, when I want to memorize a Bible verse, or other information, I use specific techniques that my mind has adopted to store information. Through planning, repetition, and review, I can control when, how, and what I memorize. Thus, metacognitive regulation allows one to store needed information, while possible filtering the unnecessary.

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