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I have learned many things over the past seven weeks. Things that I did not know before taking this class. I am learning more and more about our country and how things work. There are 16 sectors of CIKR in the United States. We as a country know that we have these different places, but I don’t think the majority really know what can happen if one of the sectors are taken out. As we learned earlier in this class our critical infrastructures are failing. The grades we have are not even close to what they need to be. More people need to be told how poorly our countries infrastructures are and they need to be improved.

Currently in the neighborhood that I live in we are pushing for better roads. My household is becoming an advocate to improve our infrastructure. We are conducted our own studies on the amount of traffic that is coming by our house and the size of the vehicles. Currently the road is not wide enough in many places for dump trucks or tractor trailers to be driving on. Plus they go to fast for the curves and force cars into the ditches. There are other places within the county were entry and exit ways from side roads do not have the proper visibility. Our county is growing and the roadways have not been restructured or improved to handle the increase of vehicular traffic. Being an advocate for this improvement we are having to bring the information to our Board of Supervisors. We are also bring this information to the Virginia Department of Transportation.

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