General Instructions

The Project Report is the final stage of the term research project which you began with the proposal. The overall purpose of the Project Report is review a primary source (or set of primary sources) from the past, and evaluate their potential for understanding the past.

For this Project Report, you need to answer a series of questions about the primary source[s] you chose in your Project Proposal. In order to do this assignment, you must understand the difference between primary and secondary sources. If you do not understand the difference, then STOP now. Go back and review the first podcast, then continue.

IMPORTANT! You should have already chosen a primary source in your project proposal. The questions you answer will be about this primary source you have already chosen. If you wish to choose a different primary source than the one you used in your Project Proposal, then you must obtain permission first from your professor.

In some ways, the project report is very similar to the analyses assignments. You simply have to answer the questions listed in the instructions. You will have to do further research using other secondary sources (and potentially, primary sources) in order to answer the questions. The questions are grouped into different categories. The questions you must answer are listed in the assignment instructions.

The big difference is that you are required to do further research to effectively answer these questions. You should back up as many of your answers as possible with evidence from

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