Research Assingment

InstructionsWEIGHT: 20%(see also Homework#2)1.       Pick a management issue that is of interest to you.2.       Find a case study in the UMUC virtual library that involves that management issue.3.       Find and read at least four articles in academic journals in the UMUC library databases that discuss that management issue.4.       Synthesize and apply what you learned from those articles to the case you’ve chosen.5.       Analyze what the organization did in relation to the management issue and what recommendations you would make to that organization.Work for other courses – at UMUC or elsewhere – cannot be included in this paper.NOTE: unlike Homework #2, there is no need in this assignment for annotation for the material in the reference list and simply noting the doi for each item is sufficient.  Your paper should be 8-10 pages.If you want the WRIT 699M1 section to review and critique your draft, you need to post it by November 8th.This assignment is due to the Research Paper Assignment section by November 12th.

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