You will need to construct:

1. A Draft (5-6 pages)

2. A Final for this Research Essay (10 pages)

3. As well as an Annotated Bibliography page.

**Topic Paragraph will be provided.**


1. Requirements: Research Paper DRAFT:

Topic/subject: Integrating Technology into the Lesson Plan

The Research Paper draft may be only five or six pages (It’s only a draft.) The final of the Research Paper will be 10 pages. There should be use of references.


2. Research Paper FINAL:

Topic/subject: Integrating Technology into the Lesson Plan

You can write on a topic of your choice. However, your topic must be limited its scope in order to write effectively. Do some preliminary research. Consider current events. Narrowing the scope of the topic will allow you to better formulate a thesis.

References: References are required for this essay. You must have at least six references, three of which must be scholarly books or articles from academic journals. Any particular reference may accessible from the internet, but it must originate from an academic anthology or journal or academic press and be citable as such. Your other references can be websites or additional articles and books. Under no circumstances will Wikipedia appear as a work cited.

Final Paper Format: The final essay is to be at least 10 pages, following MLA format: typed, double-spaced, 12-point font in Times New Roman with one‑inch margins.


3. Annotated Bibliography Example of how it should look like is attached.

For this part (which is part of the Research Paper), you will construct an Annotated Bibliography utilizing three (3) references you have found for the Research Paper.

The format of the Annotated Bibliography will follow MLA format (double-spaced, hanging indention, etc.)

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