Research Paper

Text Book:

Chapter 14: Planning & Control Systems & Ch. 15: Lean Operations

Any company, regardless of size, product or service, is one to which you can apply the principles of operational excellence. The basis for this paper will be either a factual case from your own work experience or a published case. For this paper, you will describe the situation in the case and then apply appropriate principles of planning and control systems (Ch. 14) and lean operations (Ch. 15). The case should be treated as a problem presented to you by your company’s top management for analysis and a recommended course of action. In the paper, you will discuss and make a recommendation for improvement in the operations of the company based on the concepts you learned in chapters fourteen and fifteen.

You can use the case you discussed in a previous paper, however the only content that can be the same is the company overview. You must discuss a different situation/problem! If there are no other problems to discuss, you will need to select a different case.

Your paper should be at minimum 8 double-spaced paragraphs (32 minimum sentences).

Your paper must include the following:

• Company Overview: 1 paragraph; 4 minimum sentences

• Situation/Problem: 1 paragraph; 4 minimum sentences

• Recommendations from Ch. 14: Planning & Control Systems: 3 paragraphs; each paragraph must include 4 minimum sentences for a total of 12 sentences

• Recommendations from Ch. 15: Lean Operations): 3 paragraphs; each paragraph must include 4 minimum sentences for a total of 12 sentence

You must include an APA formatted title page and a separate reference page that includes your references in APA format. At minimum, your textbook should be included! Please review the APA Resources folder under Content for questions regarding APA.

Please note that Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in a zero grade. Please review the Academic Dishonesty Policy outlined in the syllabus and in your student handbook.

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