Research Paper


1. To implement critical research techniques in order to present a well argued topic.

2. To encourage a mindful comprehension and incorporation of sources into a cohesive research paper.

3. To learn to guide one’s own research through utilization of research skills.


Select a topic that can be thoroughly researched and discussed for the purpose of informing.

Write an 8-10 page essay on a topic of your choice. Present all relevant information, including significant sourcing (7 or more sources).

5 – Scholarly sources (i.e. journal articles, books, etc.)

Remaining sources can be of any type (popular or scholarly)


The essay should include a cover page (1), abstract (2), text of essay (begins on page 3), references (on page 11 or later depending on the length of the essay), and any tables or images (page following the references).

The body of the paper should be comprised of:

a. Introduction – needs a clear thesis

b. Body – could include sections such as history, literature review, discussion (does not have to include these sections or headings, but these are simply examples)

c. Conclusion – restate the main points and why the essay topic was significant, what readers should do with the information, etc.

Each paragraph should include a clear topic sentence with the remaining sentences supporting that topic.

APA Citations are required: (Author, year) or (Author, year, p. #).

Must include a Cover Page (not included in the page count).

Must include an Abstract (not included in page count).

Must include a References page (not included in the page count).

Arial, 12 pt. font, double spaced

Utilize Little Seagull and Purdue Owl to ensure proper APA format is followed.

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