Research 1

This class is about

How does one become qualified to be an addictions professional? This assignment will help you determine those steps by examining your particular state’s requirements. You will outline the necessary steps toward licensure and/or certification in this essay. Answer the following questions in an approximately 2-page, double-spaced paper. Use your own words and do not simply copy and paste from the site. This essay is worth 70 points.

  1. Provide a link to your state’s professional credentialing board.
  2. Identify where you are in the process towards certification, according to the professional credentialing board.
  3. What are you qualified to do at this present moment? What will you be qualified to do when you have a bachelor’s degree?
  4. What are the requirements for the highest credential in your state?


You are expected to write professionally with correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar, developing your topic and providing solid examples from our readings, your own research, or your own experiences to back up your statements. APA style must be used.

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