Research Paper: comparing and contrasting the nurse education systems of two countries

WRITE a research paper (at least 750 words) comparing and contrasting the nurse education systems of two (2) of the following countries (Brazil, China, Haiti, Ireland, Jordan, Madagascar, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Thailand).-let me know the two you choose i will send you the one article for each that must be used.Comparison of Two Countries’ Nurse Education Systems Paper: Finding References and Information•Choose two countries from the list  to compare their nursing education systems. You can cite the references in your paper.  I recommend you also do an internet search to determine if more current information related to nursing programs (for example, post-graduate programs) now exist in your selected country.•NOTE: This is your third paper.  In order to earn an “A” (93-100) score, the formatting for headings & subheadings, citations, and references must reflect assignment instructions and correct APA style.please see the attachment i have a outline of exactly how the paper has to be done.

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