Research Paper (Kishore only)

TOPIC:trumpcare vs. Obamacare and the improvements that we really need to make.Each student in HAS 5125 course will be asked to write a polished original research paper.The research paper will increase the student’s critical perspectives, awareness, and knowledge ina course subject area. Each paper will focus on aspecific and narrowly defined topic.Thetopic could be formulation, implementation, or/and modification phases of any healthpolicy making at federal or state level.Students choose the focus of their papers based on theirprofessional and academic interests within the course’s context. All topics must be approvedbefore writing. Students may consult individually with instructor as they formulate researchtopics, collect sources, draft their papers, and revise work for final submission.The paper should demonstrate that the student hasread widely and criticallyin the relevantfield. The student has a chance to present his/her point of view through a well-structured andcompelling paper while properly citing others’ ideas.  The paper’s references section shouldinclude at least 5reliable, current, and professional sources.The paper must be at least 9 pages long including an abstract, with 12-pt font double-spaced,and 1 inch margins all around. The paper should adhere to the American PsychologicalAssociation style manual, and must be submitted to the Blackboard before the deadline.According to FIU policy, student papers will be checked by the Blackboard plagiarism detectionsoftware. Violations of the student code of conduct (plagiarism, cheating) will result in an Fbeing assigned for this course.

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