Your task, in eight to nine pages (that does not include your works cited page), is to write a paper about his life.. Most importantly, please identify his or her contributions to the world of philosophy and critical thinking; that is, what did your chosen individual do, think, say, or write that changed the way we, as humans, view the world around us. You must use at least eight different cited sources, and you may not use an Internet source; that means that you may not use a .com, .edu, .net, .org, or .whatever source. You may, however, use the Internet to access Santa Ana College’s library’s database for books, articles, journals, etc. (You can use any library database to complete your research. I suggested Santa Ana College’s library because you, as a student of Santa Ana College, can access it from home or work for free.) If you use the library’s database, make sure that you properly cite your sources.

***do 1/2 about his life AND the other 1/2 on what he did/say/accomplish/write that change the way we view the world

***proper MLA format regarding parenthetical citation and the works cited page.

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