Kazuyo Sejima

P2.1 Research PreparationNotes on “How to Write an Annotated Bibliography”

Read and take notes on “How to Write an Annotated Bibliography” Notes to include:

Outline the elements of an annotated citation
Define the following as related to the writing of an annotated bibliography

-Annotation, Relevance, Currency, Reflection, Reliability, Usefulness, Bias, Authenticity, Reliability, Objectivity, Audience, Accuracy, Research methods

P2.2 Annotated Bibliography and ImagesEvaluation sheets, Annotated Bibliography, 5 images from research

Using internet , Enoch Pratt, gather Sources to include min 1 each:

  •  Online sources including encyclopedia, web sites, etc.
  •  Video – up to 1 hour of video content
  •  Newspaper Article – Project coverage or Obituary if deceased
  •  Magazine/Journal Article
  •  Book or Chapter
  1. Complete Evaluation Sheet for 5 sources
    Prepare Annotated Bibliography following the format demonstrated in the article P2.1
    Bibliography Style guide for citations:http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citation… IMAGES
    Collect and print on 8.5×11 paper 5-10 photos with unique subject matter that will be used to tell the visual story of the Place Maker that you are researching. Provide citations for all images.

P2.3 Whitney Young Notes on reading

Whitney Young, “Keynote Address to the 1968 AIA National Convention”

  1. PREP: Search Author and Title online to gain background and context for the text.
    READ: Whitney Young, “Keynote Address for the 1968 AIA National Convention”
    NOTES: Take notes in your sketchbook. Record page numbers and significant passages
    What is the ‘mission statement’ that Whitney Young is Proposing for the Architectural Profession Why?

P2.4 Resume and Biography

RESUME: Prepare a resume for your Place Maker using the following categories. “How to Write a Resume”

  • Name and any titles
  • Education
  • Professional Positions – including dates of employment and summary of job responsibilities
  • Significant Projects (up to 5) short description
  • Professional Affiliations, Organizations, etc.
  • Pertinent Skills

BIOGRAPHY: Prepare a 500-word following the outline below)

  • Formative experience – Childhood/early education
  • College/Professional education – include key mentor, professors, past employers
  • Turning point in career –first major contribution
  • Overview of practice, type of practice, clients, type of projects, key works
  • Legacy – Significance of contribution

P2.5 Ellen Lupton, “Grids” Notes on reading

BACKGROUND: Search Author and Title online to gain background and context for the text READ: Ellen Lupton, Thinking with Type, “Grid”

NOTES: Take notes.

Record page numbers and significant passages

Identify and define minimum 10 vocabulary words

Diagram, page layouts using grids


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